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Welcome to the Renewable Energy Systems Integration website

This website is designed to help you make informed choices about the use of renewable energy systems for your home. The site shows how renewable energy systems can be combined together or used with an existing fossil-fuel fired systems to reduce your carbon emissions.

There are many choices of renewable energy systems available that can be incorporated into both new and existing homes. The choice of system will not only have an impact on your carbon footprint but also on the continued running cost of your home. Renewable energy systems can include space heating, hot water and electricity generation.

The first place to start when considering any of the methods of reducing your carbon footprint is energy saving. The most important element to allow you to get the best out of any of the renewable energy systems is to use them in a well insulated and draught proofed house. The first part of any investment in renewable energy should be to ensure your loft and cavity wall insulation is at least up to current standards, windows should be double glazed and draught seals fitted to all opening doors and windows.

Only when you have minimised heat loss should you consider adding a renewable heating system.

The details contained on this website are intended to introduce you to the possibilities of using various renewable technologies available in the UK today and give details on where you can find the necessary technical and installation information.

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